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the ultimate

If you are thinking about getting a remote start for your vehicle, now is a great time to have it done.  At Aaron's Tinting Service, we specialize in car remote starters, security, and car alarm systems; all packed with convenience feature packages for you and your vehicle. We take great pride in our knowledge and expertise, having installed literally hundreds of remote starters to date.  Let us help you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter by upgrading your vehicle with remote start integration. offer a full line of remote start options that are fully upgradable to the ultimate convenience with smartphone integration features. 

We currently offer two remote start options, each handpicked by us with the considerations of the best in affordability, quality, and superior convenience features.  Read below to learn more.

One way cs-925s

remote starter, compustar, CS-925-S

The CS-925S offers the latest in security and convenience technology. The built in remote start capability will keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 


* Remote Start

* Keyless Entry

* 1500' Max Range

* Diesel-Engine Safe

* 2 x 1-Way Remotes

* 1-Year Remote Warranty

* Limited Lifetime System Warranty

two-way 4900s

remote starter, fob, compustar, CS-4900-s

The CS-4900-S offers the latest in security and convenience technology. With the integration of 2-way technology, you can keep the status of your vehicle at your fingertips from up to 3,000 feet away. When you use your remote start, the 2-way remote will light up and "chirp" to give you audible and visual confirmation that your vehicle started successfully. The CS-4900S includes a free upgrade to DroneMobile, a smartphone remote start integration packed with features and capabilities. 


  • Remote Start

  • Keyless Entry

  • 3000' Max Range

  • Diesel-Engine Safe

  • x1 2-Way LED confirmation remote

  • Water-Resistant

  • 1-Year Remote Warranty

  • Drone LTE Module

  • Smartphone control

  • Limited lifetime system warranty


Click to learn more about DroneMobile