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Will a Remote Start System void my new car warranty?

NO. We install remote start systems for many of the area car dealerships. When properly installed, new age remote start systems are fully compatible with virtually any vehicle from older simple component vehicles to the new complex electronic systems in we see in the latest model vehicles. Federal Law prevents an auto manufacturer from voiding a new car warranty because you chose to have non-factory accessories installed. 


Can a Remote Car Starter Void My Warranty?

Now, there are some very important notes to the law mentioned above. If the product that gets installed or the installation itself causes a problem, only then will your warranty may be suspect. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about either of those things here art Aaron's Tinting Service as we take pride in our work and do the extra work behind the scenes to ensure you wont have any issues!


How long will it take?

Installation time varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. We typically would prefer the vehicle be dropped off with us for at least 3 hours.  If this isn’t possible, other arrangements can be made such as local pick up and delivery


What should I bring with me?

Please bring TWO ignition keys that will both start the vehicle. Many of the interface modules we use sometimes require two keys for programming. If you do not have two keys, let us know and we can verify if two keys are required for your specific vehicle and also go over the available options to work around that.


My car is a stick shift. Can you install a Remote Start?

Yes we can! Our offered remote start systems are designed to work safely on stick shift vehicles. By inputting a specific sequence from the remote start fob, the system will acknowledge that you left the vehicle out of gear and parking brake is set. We are trained and proficient at installing the systems safely. There is a small additional charge for stick shift vehicles.  


I have a diesel engine. Can you install a Remote Start?

ABSOLUTELY! Our remote starts are also compatible with diesel vehicles. When we install our systems in these vehicles, we program the module to enable a delay on ignition allowing the glow plugs to ore-heat before attempting to start.

My key has a chip in it. Can you install a Remote Start?

YES we can! Almost every vehicle on the road from the past 20+ years has a vehicle component called an Immobilizer. We add a special data bypass module to our remote starter systems that learn the computer codes from your keys/key-chip to allow the starting sequence to be initialized. These bypass modules are only activated when you remote start your vehicle. So, when you vehicle is sitting in a parking lot, the factory anti-theft system is still fully functional.

My vehicle is a "Push-to-start" (PTS) (Can you install a remote start?

YES! For most push-button start vehicles, we are able to install a remote start just like any standard Key Start vehicle!

How long will my vehicle stay running?

The run time of the remote starter is programmable. Most shops will simply leave it at the pre-programmed 15 minutes, but whether its 10 degrees or 100 degrees outside that may not be so pleasant. So every system we install we change the run time to 25 min to be ideal for summer or winter!. 

Can somebody take my car while it is remote started?

NO. If your car is locked, it will remain locked. The steering wheel and shifter (automatic trans) will also stay locked. We also program our systems to lock after start up and shut down to ensure security.  Most importantly, you must insert your key in the ignition before you can drive away. If anyone attempts to drive away without the key in the ignition, the engine will shut off as soon as you put your foot on the brake pedal (as you would to put the vehicle in gear)


Could I install it myself?

Due to the complex nature of Remote Start Systems, we STRONGLY suggest leaving the installation to a qualified and trained installation technician. Just because someone is a mechanic, does NOT mean they can install a Remote Starter!

Is the range of a remote car starter really important?

ABSOLUTELY!  When buying a remote car starter it is always a good idea to buy one with more range than you think you will need. Our kits offer a minimum 1500 feet of range to a max range of NATION WIDE!

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